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Magnetic resonance imaging technology, what's the point?
Feb 15, 2017

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is used to collect magnetic resonance image reconstruction from signals generated by imaging techniques. MRI CT can show do not disease treatment. It was the early 80 should only be used in clinical diagnostic imaging technology, is a major development in the field of medical imaging. Compared with the CT, it has no radiation damage, no bone artifacts, many aspects and parameters of imaging, high resolution of soft tissue, without the use of contrast agents.

The rapid development of technologies and applications of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, MRI system put forward higher requirements. Magnetic resonance imaging to improve the quality of and universal application of MRI System frequency source of both to further improve the performance of the MRI System. In order to solve due to the magnetic field homogeneity, stability and linearity of the gradient effect on the quality of magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic field can be used to track changes to secure high quality of magnetic resonance images. Collecting real-time change of magnetic field data, can be effectively in data processing to correct the signal, improve image quality; on the other hand can also effectively MRI system lock, magnetic field correction in real time, for magnetic resonance clinical diagnosis and intervention applications are important.