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MRI requirements for working environment
Feb 15, 2017

Magnetic resonance imaging device known for its complex structure and powerful and is known for demanding work environment. For magnetic resonance imaging equipment to ensure the normal operation of hospitals need to build special venues and perform careful quality control strategies in use and use.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI) technology and the rapid development of applications, requirements for MRI system performance is higher. Aiming at the quality of magnetic resonance imaging and the universality of application of MRI System frequency source both to further improve the performance of the MRI System. In order to solve due to the magnetic field homogeneity, stability and linearity of the gradient effect on the quality of magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic field can be used to track changes to secure high quality of magnetic resonance images. Collecting real-time change of magnetic field data, can be effectively in data processing to correct the signal, improve image quality; on the other hand can also effectively MRI system lock, magnetic field correction in real time, for magnetic resonance clinical diagnosis and intervention applications are important. Thus, this article presents a magnetic field monitoring of specific programmes, developed a system based on magnetic field of the MRI compatible monitoring, the system can quickly and accurately monitor changes in the magnetic field, so that the magnetic resonance images were later corrected real time lock and magnetic field. While, with magnetic resonance imaging experiment increasingly complex, to adapted increasingly complex of imaging sequence, as fast sequence and multilayer sequence,, requirements MRI frequency source can support of waveform data volume more big, and each TR within PC machine to frequency source Board card for data of time more short and update rate faster, for paper development has a has more high performance of digital frequency source to meet complex imaging of requirements.