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NMR methods
Feb 15, 2017

When subjected to strong magnetic fields to accelerate atoms to a known frequency oscillating magnetic field weakening nucleus will absorb certain frequencies of energy and jump to the high magnetic field in Asia. By measuring the frequency of Atomic beam in a gradual change in the magnetic field strength, absorption frequency of the nucleus can be determined. This technique was initially used for gas, and later by Stanford's f. e complex and Harvard · M • expanded application of Purcell to liquids and solids. Complex group Proton resonance absorption in water was measured for the first time, and Purcell first Proton resonance absorption in solid alkanes is determined, the two won the 1952 Nobel Prize in physics. Since these studies since 1946, as NMR methods and techniques can provide insights into the material without damaging the sample and is fast, accurate, high resolution, so the rapid development and wide application.

PQ001 oil tester is a high-performance NMR small nuclear magnetic resonance, a box-type design in 2008 and the formal launch of the product has been widely used in the seed oil content test. Products using a modular design concept, configuration can be set according to user needs, and meet the needs of plants, scientific research and practical. Now in food, agricultural, petrochemical, chemical, energy and building materials have been widely applied in many fields, which can meet the requirements of production process quality management and monitoring, and can also be used for research and development work. This product not only has nuclear magnetic resonance no special sample preparation, nondestructive testing, green features, and excellent measuring accuracy and repeatability, fast, simple and convenient operation, is ideal for cost-effective desktop small nuclear magnetic resonance Analyzer.

NMR determination of oil content meter and Soxhlet extraction for the determination of oil content analysis of advantages and disadvantages:

Soybean, and rape seed, and Sesame, and corn, and cottonseed, and sunflower seeds, and peanut, and wheat, and Tong seed, seed of containing oil rate determination is quality detection of important steps, seed containing oil rate determination can through using NMR containing oil rate determination instrument and General of Soxhlet pumping reference for determination analysis, two species method in seed determination in the are has using. following simple understand about this two species method of advantages and disadvantages.

Soxhlet weaknesses analysis:

1. low efficiency measuring to several hours or 10 hours at a time, and simultaneous measurement of samples is limited;

2. harm the body, polluting the environment; test requires large amounts of toxic chemicals, not only greater hazards to operators and will pollute the environment;

3. chemical the human factor is very large, the error is very large, often the same sample, different people the results varied widely;

4. the waste of resources, and measurement of begins to consume large amounts of water, electricity, chemical reagents, human resources;