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NMR study on water status of lignite
Feb 15, 2017

With the accelerated process of China's industrialization, increasing demand for energy, and how to take advantage of low rank coal resources is of great significance. In the eastern part of Inner Mongolia in China, rich lignite reserves, but high water content lignite, in transport, storage, use, and other aspects of their benefits reduced. Moisture in coal by being divided into a crack in the surface of the water, holes and big holes in the water and adsorption in porous. Except for take off from the coal in water to remove in the water is a complex and continuous process. Found in cracks of coal sample and free water on the surface of coal, it is easy to lose contact with the atmosphere, however, exists in the capillary water due to capillary forces and hard to lose, and some coal-water micro-, small spaces, due to strong surface adsorption effect and it is hard to lose. Brown coal in the presence of water, moisture removal process, has a great role to improve conditions.

Coal sample for NMR technology can be in does not damage the premise, from a microscopic point of view to explain the presence of moisture in coal sample. Combined with other analytical tools can provide data for the brown coal dewatering technology support.