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Nuclear magnetic resonance Analyzer development
Feb 15, 2017

Nuclear magnetic resonance Analyzer version upgrades, supporting independent research and development of high performance spectrometer, high power RF amplifiers and gradient amplifier, with powerful features. Body small, is currently on the market has advanced Benchtop NMR analyzers in the world, is the top level of nuclear magnetic resonance analysis platform; to meet several tests in the areas of oil exploration, measure results objectively, high accuracy, repeatability, instrument performance and stability, with a very high cost. In addition, the nuclear magnetic resonance measuring method itself has many advantages: fast, simple and convenient operation, have no effect on the health of operators, as well as the surrounding environment without special preparation of samples, non-destructive testing, free of chemical reagents, consumables, do not pollute the samples, the Green environmental protection.

Nuclear magnetic resonance Analyzer is a powerful, high-precision, high-accuracy, high sensitivity, based on low-field NMR technology, petroleum core analysis instruments. The instrument has a lot of powerful features, you can FID, Hahn echo, IR sequence, CPMG sequence, IR-CPMG, PGSE-CPMG and other related measurements to meet oil field relevant to the core of porosity and permeability, full testing needs.

Low field magnetic resonance NMR Analyzer is used to obtain oil and water saturated rock liquidity information, designed specifically for oilfield core samples that can be used for oil producers and core analysis laboratories.