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Nuclear magnetic resonance method in contrast to other measurement method of specific surface area
Feb 15, 2017

Specific surface area divided into volume specific surface area and mass specific surface area, m2/V and m2/M respectively, we usually called a solid surface areas which directly, international unit is: M2/g. Specific surface area is a measure of the physical characteristics of important parameters, the size of particle size, shape, surface defect and structure are closely related. When surface area reaches a certain level, its many physical and chemical properties of the substance will have a great impact, especially as the particle size becomes smaller, specific surface area measured material properties of a very important parameter, such as widely used nano-materials, battery materials, catalysts, such as carbon black, rubber reinforcing agent.

There are many types of analytical method of specific surface area, mainly gas adsorption, size estimation method, air law, Matt laws, which, due to gas absorption testing principles credible, reproducible, and is widely used in various industries at home and abroad, and gradually replaced the other test method for specific surface area, being recognized as the most authoritative test method. Low field NMR is the emergence in recent years of an advanced test method of suspension particle surface area, compared to gas absorption, low-field NMR measurement time is short, and does not require complicated sample preparation process, there's no need to bring in an outside agent. In monitoring the State of suspension particle surface with the solvent chemical, affinity, wettability, etc has a unique advantage.

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