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Nuclear magnetic resonance techniques can be used for lithic analysis?
Feb 15, 2017

Overview in petroleum exploration and development process can gather a lot of chip upon invetigation, physical information debris is rich in oil, but by using conventional logging method cannot be obtained from drilling cuttings in porosity, permeability, saturation, such important percentage of movable fluid reservoir physical parameter.

Theory of NMR rock sample analysis technique based on the rocks contain fluid spin of protons in uniform static magnetic fields and RF fields of NMR relaxation behavior under different pore fluids having different relaxation time in and time physical meaning of relaxation in reservoir rocks in the total proportion of pores of different sizes. Paper in the through NMR rock chip recorded well technology indoor experiment research and the actual test results analysis, get following awareness: ① in isotropic formation geological conditions Xia, NMR T2 time relaxation Yu spectrum reflect has was measuring samples of pore degrees, and penetration rate, and can moving fluid percentage, rich of reservoir physical information, through rock chip NMR measurement can get and corresponding rock heart basic same of NMR T2 time relaxation Yu spectrum, measurement results not by samples particles size of effect, so NMR technology can for rock chip analysis; II mud soaking Qian, and Hou samples NMR units volume signal range and T2 geometry average changes is small, so mud filtrate of invaded on nuclear magnetic measurement results of effect is small, can ignored; ③ rock chip nuclear magnetic recorded well and rock chip nuclear magnetic measuring well get of storage layer real sex parameter results close, but former and rock heart measurement results and the try oil results anastomosis better.