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Pet-MRI and the rate higher than people
Feb 15, 2017

A doctor is difficult and expensive, people has long been plagued by this issue, however, compared with the pet and human health costs is "pale into insignificance". Because pets cannot tell the condition, higher precision of the equipment, time than people spend hundreds of Yuan and even several times the price.

Medical checks on high-end devices than the MRI machine, at this point, the dog has been as good as human beings – have been specifically tailored NMR instruments for pets. "This instrument is worth 3.9 million Yuan, animal whole body imaging", hospitals said with a Pet-MRI using this instrument to get the pet to do an MRI, requires 1000 Yuan, about 200 Yuan more expensive than doing an MRI.

And, as long as human beings have in medical technology, currently almost all pets to enjoy. Human cold cold to hospital doctor, doctor often will let you to inspection a blood, this check now cat cat dog also can do, American launched of pet laser flow type five classification automatic blood Analyzer, can quickly analysis out pet blood in of red blood cells white cell rheological, price also expensive, cost price will 150 Yuan, and human do once similar laboratory as long as about 70--80 Yuan; Italy hundred WINS company displayed has pet color Super machine, to cat dog do once color Super about need near 500 Yuan, Shenzhen hospitals human ultrasound prices at more than 100 million.

Why pet health costs significantly more than human? Pet and people different, patients can to doctor description himself of body status, to Yu doctor right diagnosis, and pet not talk, doctor only by experience not by instrument detection analysis, very easy misdiagnosis, so, pet cure of costs, head on in the check Shang; are because animal cannot himself told illness, check instrument on precision of requirements more high, so cost more expensive, so raised has pet medical of cost.