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The Use Of Agricultural Imaging Analyzer For Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Food
Jun 08, 2017

Nuclear magnetic resonance food agricultural imaging analyzer in the food, agricultural industry research and application fields are widely used.

NMI20 set analysis and imaging functions in one, using a one-piece design. Access to "high-tech achievements", "key new products" and many other honors. Food & Agriculture NMR MRI Product performance and quality by domestic and foreign experts and users generally recognized.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Food Agricultural Imaging Analyzer Function:

1, oil content water content detection;

2, water phase quantitative analysis;

3, determination of solid fat content;

4, T2 *, T2, T1 relaxation time analysis;

5, proton density, T2 - weighted, T1 - weighted imaging

6, spatial distribution of water analysis;

Food & Agriculture NMR MRI Basic parameters:

1, magnet type: permanent magnet

2, the magnetic field strength: 0.5 ± 0.08T, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI the instrument main frequency: 21.3MHz;

3, the probe coil diameter: 15mm;

4, effective sample detection range: Ø12.5mm × H30mm

Size (length, width, height):

1, electronic cabinet: 560mm × 650mm × 1145mm;

2, weight: about 185Kg;

Application solutions and cases:

Imaging analysis method for food quality testing