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Advantages Of Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Jun 22, 2017

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance in biomedical clinical animal experiments, targeted agents contrast agent research, anatomy teaching, etc., often on mice, rabbits, monkeys and other small animals in vivo imaging, small animals, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging can understand and Observation of small animals in vivo tissue and organ subtle differences in order to achieve the purpose of targeted observation and research. Newmao has been in the field of low field NMR has accumulated for many years, Animal NMR & MRI has developed a 15mm to 150mm different diameter contrast agent relaxation analysis system and small animal magnetic resonance imaging system.

Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Application Solution:

1, contrast agent T1, T2 relaxation time test analysis;

2, contrast agent imaging test;

3, small animal imaging test

1) Evaluation of the role of contrast agent in vivo

2) drug targeting determination

3) Evaluation of the therapeutic effect of drugs on tumors

4) Location of tumor lesions

The clear animal body fractionation technique is based on the principle of small animal nuclear magnetic resonance, the different relaxation of the body composition of the signal signal differentiation, in order to achieve the body of animals to carry out rapid body composition (fat mass, muscle tissue content, Animal NMR & MRI free water and body water Quantitative and accurate measurements can measure tens of animals as small as 2 mg Drosophila, organs, mice, rats, birds, up to the body. Compared with other methods, nuclear magnetic resonance component analysis method to measure fast (only 0.5-3.0min), do not need to anesthesia or death of experimental animals, the test process without any harm to animals, the same animal can be sustained tracking test , Animal NMR & MRI For the scientific research to provide a strong analysis of data. The method has been widely used in obesity, diabetes, metabolism, nutrition, obesity mechanism, drug research and other related fields.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance function and advantages:

1, Determination of fat content

2, lean meat content determination

3, free water content determination

4, fat distribution imaging

5, within a few minutes to detect the body's muscle, fat and moisture content

6, suitable for different positions of the test, Animal NMR & MRI lofting no effect on the test

7, permanent magnet, no maintenance costs, the use of low cost

8, suitable for nude mice, mice and rats

9, the test process without damage, no risk to animals

10, animals can be tested in a sober state, without anesthesia, Animal NMR & MRI the test process is simple