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Core NMR Applications Are Becoming More And More Extensive
Jun 22, 2017

Core Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applications:

In the field of core nuclear magnetic resonance applications: core microporous structure study, microscopic penetration mechanism research, underwater conditions under the conditions of the experiment, Rock Core NMR & MRI to improve oil recovery research and multiphase flow research have been successfully applied.

Core NMR imaging technology provides the basic elements of digital cores to build digital cores.

Based on the results of magnetic resonance pore structure and permeability calculation, Rock Core NMR & MRI the digital core pore structure and permeability model of dense sandstone were established in combination with digital core technology, instead of mercury intrusion analysis and permeability measurement.

In view of the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance technology to the pore fluid, it is expected to realize the dynamic digital core of the core pore fluid during the flooding process. Based on the online magnetic resonance detection platform under the high temperature and high pressure condition, Rock Core NMR & MRI the newly developed imaging sequence The dynamic change and micro - distribution of the pore fluid in the process of displacement are presented in real time by three - dimensional reconstruction technique, which provides a microscopic evaluation method for studying the residual oil distribution and improving the recovery rate.

The principle and application of nuclear magnetic resonance analysis system were studied. In this paper, the multi-relaxation inversion technique suitable for core analysis is described in detail. The pretreatment algorithm and signal-to-noise ratio scanning mode of low SNR cuttings are discussed. Combined with the practical application of large and medium-sized oilfields in China, these wells are taken from different Depth of the core, Rock Core NMR & MRI cuttings samples for laboratory simulation test, through regression analysis and other mathematical methods, put forward some of China's geological conditions in line with the petrochemical properties of the measurement model and means. The paper gives their design principles and algorithm implementation process, these innovative design and improvement has achieved very good application effect.

Core magnetic resonance logging technology has the advantages of accurate measurement results, no damage to the rock structure, and is widely used in oilfield exploration and development.