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Core NMR Is A Powerful Oil Core Analysis Instrument
Oct 18, 2017

Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR uses multidimensional NMR spectroscopy technology, supporting self-developed nuclear magnetic resonance analysis software and NMR core analysis measurement software, the software has a full-featured pulse sequence library, including FID, CPMG, SEG-CPMG, SES, IR, Ir-se, IR-CPMG, PGSE-CPMG, Rock Core NMR & MRI such as hard pulse sequence, simple operation, friendly design, can be one-dimensional or two-dimensional method to automatically calculate the porosity, permeability, fluid saturation, pore size distribution and other important parameters.

Core nuclear magnetic resonance through version upgrade, supporting the self-developed high-performance spectrometer, high-power RF amplifier and gradient power amplifier, has a powerful function. Product body Small, is currently the world's advanced level of the desktop nuclear magnetic Resonance analyzer, Rock Core NMR & MRI but also the top level of the domestic nuclear magnetic resonance analysis platform, can meet the oil exploration and other fields of a number of tests, measurement results objective truth, high precision, repeatability, Rock Core NMR & MRI instrument performance is stable, with very high cost-effective. In addition, the nuclear magnetic resonance measurement method itself has many advantages: fast analysis, simple and convenient operation, the health of operators and the surrounding environment has no impact, no special preparation samples, nondestructive testing, no chemical reagents, such as consumables, non-polluting samples, green environmental protection.

Core NMR is a powerful, high-precision, high accuracy, high sensitivity, based on low field NMR technology, petroleum core analysis instruments. The instrument has many powerful functions, such as FID, Hahn Echo, IR sequence, CPMG sequence, IR-CPMG, PGSE-CPMG and other related measurements, Rock Core NMR & MRI which can meet the requirements of porosity, permeability and satiety in the related fields of petroleum core.

Core nuclear magnetic resonance is the use of low field MRI to obtain oil and water saturation of the rock flow information, specially designed for the core samples of oil reservoirs, can be used for oil producers and core analysis laboratory.

Main application areas:

Geological logging--rapid evaluation of oil and gas reservoir

Experimental study on logging-Nuclear Magnetic Logging Foundation

Research on oil and gas development test and indoor evaluation of low permeability reservoir

Technical Index

1. Magnet Type: Permanent magnet; magnetic field strength: 0.28±0.05T;

2. Magnetic field uniformity: 300ppm (25mmx25mmx25mm);

3. Magnetic field Stability: <300hz/hour;

4. RF emission power: Peak peak output is greater than 300W, Rock Core NMR & MRI linear distortion is less than 0.3%;

5. Diffusion gradient: Gradient power amplifier intensity peak 18gauss/cm;

6. Probe Coil Diameter: 25mm (Standard), 10mm (optional);

7. Effective sample Testing Range: Ø25.4mmxh25mm (Standard);

Working conditions:

1. Power Requirements: 220V, 50Hz

2. Working temperature: 22~28°c

3. Ambient Humidity: 30~70%