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Core Nuclear Magnetic Resonance For A Wide Range
Sep 01, 2017

The core magnetic resonance (NMR) analyzes the fluid properties, fluid volume, and the interaction between the fluid and the pore surface of the rock by analyzing the interaction of the rock (core, cuttings or borehole coring), and quickly and accurately obtain the pore fluid , Rock Core NMR & MRI Bound fluid and other parameters. Rock Core NMR & MRI Can be applied to the field logging, indoor reservoir evaluation research, nuclear magnetic resonance logging and other fields.

Core NMR has the "one machine multi-parameter, as many parameters, fast lossless" and other significant features. Can be a variety of rules of the core and irregular cuttings and borehole coring can be nondestructive analysis of the same sample can provide a variety of physical parameters: total porosity, effective porosity, Rock Core NMR & MRI permeability, mobile fluid saturation Degree, oil saturation, movable water saturation, relaxation time T1, relaxation time T2 and cutoff value, pore size distribution and so on. For the oil industry exploration and development work to introduce a new technology.

The overall appearance of the cabinet, Rock Core NMR & MRI the appearance of simple and elegant, C-shaped large hole cavity magnet, for a wide range of push-pull injection design, nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation analysis and imaging functions in one. Equipment used rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet, supporting the latest generation of all-digital spectrometer, versatile, easy to operate.

Rock Core NMR & MRI Technical indicators:

1, magnet type: permanent magnet;

2, the magnetic field strength: 0.3 ± 0.05T, Rock Core NMR & MRI the instrument main frequency: 12.8MHz;

3, probe coil diameter: 150mm;

Rock Core NMR & MRI Application Solution:

1. Core analysis under conventional conditions

Core, cuttings porosity and pore size distribution measurement

Core, cuttings permeability measurement

Core, Seepage Fluid Saturation Measurement

Bound fluid saturation, movable fluid saturation, oil saturation

Fluid fluidity / viscosity analysis

MRI pore fluid distribution determination

Arbitrary angle, multi - level two - dimensional imaging

Pore imaging observation

Analysis of Oil - bearing Water Content in Drilling Fluid