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Introduction To Principles And Applications Of Photoacoustic Imaging Of Small Animals
Feb 15, 2017

Nexus 128 small animal light sound imaging, can for small animal living for 3D high resolution, and high compared degrees light sound imaging, for cardiovascular disease (vascular generated, and myocarditis, and thrombosis, and heart stem,), and lymphatic, and tumor, and nervous system, and blood, and new molecular probe (nano probe), and hemoglobin concentration and blood oxygen saturated degrees measurement and function image, aspects of frontier sex research, will further upgrade research units in these field of research level and status.

Photoacoustic Imaging is a measure of comprehensive universities in life sciences, medical and chemical fields of scientific research and scientific research work of the iconic instrument for advanced molecular imaging, began development in the country, became a focus of teaching, research and science, construction of key laboratory of analysis and testing methods. Given the near infrared photoacoustic technique better tissue penetration, but also has a higher resolution, no side effects and other features, is gradually becoming the field of non-destructive testing technology of biological tissue to another research focus.