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Low Field NMR Technology In The Application Of Conventional Core Analysis Solutions
Feb 15, 2017

Core analysis is the petroleum geological characteristics of the necessary means, rock as a porous material, its internal pore structure and pore molecular motion and reaction processes, phenomena and relation between core analysis is an important subject of study. In recent years, low-field NMR core analysis techniques have become an important means of rapid measurement of Petrophysical parameters, suitable for laboratory and field applications, receives extensive attention from the oil industry, and increasingly broad application areas.


Low field NMR technology uses oil and gas or hydrogen nuclei in water has a resonance in a magnetic field and signal characteristics to detect oil, gas and water distribution and Petrophysical parameters. Rock, rock pore pore throat structure of different sizes, relaxation time characteristics of the pore size is displayed. T2 spectrum shows the rock pore size distribution, pore size is larger, longer relaxation times, T2 distribution curve on the right pore size is small, corresponding shorter relaxation time T2 closer to the left side of the distribution curve.