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Magic! MRI Print Printing Out Your Own 3D Brain
Feb 15, 2017

Wants his own brain model? recently a senior 3D printers and brain magnetic resonance imaging scan to print out their own model of the brain, and published online tutorials. First of all, to get his head MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is not easy, suggested or the local University, Department of psychology or neuroscience as a volunteer, under normal circumstances, you can ask the Professor, the availability of magnetic resonance imaging of their brains, is both a labour exchange. Once a head MRI image, it needs to be translated into the d model, using software FreeSurfer, 3D structures of the brain for processing data, and standard desktop 2 days to process.

After the STL file handling, usually more than 20,000 surface, it is recommended, then use MeshLab software to simplify the STL files, so that the surface is less than 20,000.

Finally, the STL files can be introduced to 3D printer, your finished 3D print the brain.