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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Food Agricultural Imaging Analyzer With High Accuracy
Jul 05, 2017

Nuclear magnetic resonance food agricultural imaging analyzer is mainly for the development of various industries and research needs in the petroleum, food, agriculture, medicine and biotechnology industries have a wide range of applications. Its outstanding advantages are: set analysis function and imaging function in one, the measurement results objective and true, high precision, good repeatability, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI instrument performance and stability, excellent image quality, with a very high price

Nuclear magnetic resonance food agricultural imaging analyzer with its fast, environmentally friendly, accurate, the advantages of large amount of information in the field of food agriculture has been widely used, such as oil and water content test, solid fat content test, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI the determination of different phase distribution, moisture migration , Water activity (qualitative), spatial moisture distribution, test objects, including crops, dairy products, snack foods, meat products, seafood and so on.

NMI20 nuclear magnetic resonance food agricultural imaging analyzer standard configuration 15mm caliber probe coil to meet the small size of the sample of nuclear magnetic resonance detection.

NMI20 both nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging technology, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI supporting independent research and development

1) nuclear magnetic resonance analysis application software, the software has a full-featured pulse sequence library, including FID, CPMG, SEG-CPMG, SES, IR, IR-SE, IR-CPMG and other hard pulse sequence, and advanced inversion function, Accurate sampling and data processing;

2) Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging application software I, the software has a full range of pulse sequence library, including MSE, MGRE, GRE3D and other soft pulse sequence, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI to achieve spatial water and oil distribution detection.

Another optional nuclear magnetic resonance oil moisture content measurement software and nuclear magnetic resonance solid fat content measurement software, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI rapid detection of oil moisture content of seeds and fat samples of solid fat content.

Nuclear magnetic resonance food agricultural imaging analyzer technical indicators:

1. Magnet type: permanent magnet; magnetic field strength: 0.5 ± 0.05T;

2. Magnetic field uniformity: 30ppm (27mm × 27mm × 25mm);

3. Magnetic field stability: <300Hz / Hour;

4. RF transmit power: peak and peak output greater than 300W, linear distortion less than 0.3%;

5. Probe coil diameter: 30mm;

6. Effective sample detection range: Ø27mm × H25mm;

Working conditions:

L Power requirements: 220V, 50Hz

L Operating temperature: 22 ~ 28 ° C

L Ambient humidity: 30 to 70%

Size (length, width, height):

1, magnet cabinet: 490mm × 352mm × 326mm

2, electronic cabinet: 800mm × 600mm × 1170 mm

3, weight: total weight of about 185Kg

Application solutions and cases:

Imaging analysis of food quality testing