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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Food Agricultural Imaging Analyzers Can Meet The Needs Of Agricultural Applications
Oct 30, 2017

The agricultural imaging analyzer has been widely used in the field of food agriculture, such as oil and water content test, solid fat content test, determination of different phase distribution, water migration in the field of food agriculture, with the advantages of rapid, environmental protection, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI accurate and large amount of information. , Water activity (qualitative), spatial moisture distribution, test objects, including crops, dairy products, snack foods, meat products, seafood and so on.

The use of rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet, supporting the latest generation of all-digital spectrometer, in improving the resolution of the sample image at the same time, to meet the different size of the sample (maximum Ø 150mm) test requirements.

Nuclear magnetic resonance food agricultural imaging analyzer Application:

Large food in the oil, water analysis and imaging observation, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI such as meat, pears, papaya;

Root, stem imaging, water phase analysis

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Food Agricultural Imaging Analyzer Product Function:

1, oil content of water content detection;

2, water phase quantitative analysis;

3, determination of solid fat content;

4, T2 *, T2, T1 relaxation time analysis;

5, proton density, T2 - weighted, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI T1 - weighted imaging

6, spatial distribution of water analysis;

Basic parameters:

1, magnet type: permanent magnet;

2, the magnetic field strength: 0.3 ± 0.05T, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI the instrument main frequency: 12.8MHz ;;

3, probe coil diameter: 150mm;

4, effective sample detection range: Ø150mm × 100mm.

Size (length, width, height):

1, the overall appearance: about 160

Food & Agriculture NMR MRI Application solutions and cases:

1, nuclear magnetic resonance lossless imaging

2, to study the distribution of water and moisture flow

Study on Moisture Transfer in Drying and Rehydration of Food and Biological System

4, food preservation, storage, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI quality and shelf life of the study

5, food cold storage, quick freezing, thawing process of water migration research

6, the impact of frozen on food quality

7, frozen food freezing point, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI the determination of non-frozen water content

8, the detection of waste oil