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Small Animal In Vivo Imaging Equipment Features, Applications And The Advantages And Disadvantages Compare
Feb 15, 2017

Animal models are important in modern biomedical research methods and means, contribute to a more convenient and more effective understanding of human diseases, development and study on prevention measures, while in rats, Guinea pigs, mice and other small animals because of the many advantages in life science, medical research and drug development and other fields is increasing. In recent years a variety of imaging technology is playing an increasingly important role in animal studies, the emergence of a variety of small animal imaging equipment, provides a powerful tool for scientific research.

Animal in Vivo Imaging refers to the application of imaging methods, the Vivo biological process is organized, the cellular and molecular level of qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Animal in vivo imaging technology into optical imaging (optical imaging), radionuclide Imaging (PET/SPECT), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging, MRI), computerized tomography (computed tomography,CT) imaging and ultrasonography (ultrasound) in five categories.