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Small Animal NMR Is Suitable For Scientific Research Applications
Oct 09, 2017

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance is a special small animal MRI, the use of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets, the realization of high-resolution rats and mice in vivo magnetic resonance imaging. Compared with the traditional superconducting small animal MRI, the Permanent magnet icon Small Animal MRI has obvious practical advantages:

Small animal MRI is used in tumor growth, tumor metastasis imaging, neurobiology, cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular, reproductive and developmental, Animal NMR & MRI diabetes and obesity, anatomy and histology, and MRI in the field of molecular imaging in vivo imaging studies, and can be through dicom and Micropet, Small Animal spect, micro-ct, small animal ultrasound, small animal living fluorescence, bioluminescence, Animal NMR & MRI and many other small animals in vivo imaging techniques for multimodal fusion imaging.

It can be used in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of rats, mice, rabbits, puppies, kittens and other small animals. The live small animal MRI is a powerful, noninvasive imaging Analyzer to help you understand the structure of the subjects in vivo and the comparative information of the tissues. Animal NMR & MRI This equipment uses the permanent magnet, the maintenance cost is low, the performance is advantageous, is suitable in the Life science related domain research application.

Animal nuclear magnetic resonance has no ionizing radiation (radiation) damage, no bone artifact, can be multiple direction (transverse, coronal, sagittal plane, etc.) and multi-parameter imaging, Animal NMR & MRI high degree of soft tissue resolution, without the use of contrast agents can show the unique advantages of vascular structure. In short, animal nuclear magnetic resonance can be used in almost any part of the animal's body tomography.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance is a compact table type Micromri, easy to put, small animal nuclear magnetic resonance fully meet the most stringent safety requirements standards, Animal NMR & MRI can ensure the realization of no edge magnetic field, 0 external strength, so no special perimeter protection/shielding room or other operational restrictions.

Small animal MRI as the world's best permanent magnet for small animals has been widely used in many famous universities in small animal living (in vivo), in vitro (ex vivo) and in vitro (in-) Magnetic resonance imaging Study