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Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applied In Life Science Research Work
Sep 12, 2017

Small animal NMR uses high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets to achieve high-resolution small animal MRI imaging.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance is a compact table type Micromri, easy to display. The M-Series small animal nuclear magnetic resonance system platform fully meets the strictest safety requirements and ensures a no edge magnetic field, 0 external strength, Animal NMR & MRI so no special perimeter protection/shielding room or other operating procedures are required.

Applied to tumor growth, tumor metastasis imaging, neurobiology, cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular, reproductive and developmental, diabetes and obesity, anatomy and histology, and MRI in the field of molecular imaging in vivo imaging studies, Animal NMR & MRI and can be through dicom and micropet, small animal spect, MICRO-CT, small animal ultrasound, small animal living in vivo fluorescence, Animal NMR & MRI bioluminescence and other small animals in vivo imaging techniques of multimode fusion imaging.

Small animal NMR uses a high uniformity magnetic field system, the magnetic field control using deuterium external lock field, to ensure the stability of the magnetic field for long-term acquisition of four-dimensional data (stability 10hz/month), Animal NMR & MRI while reducing the environmental requirements (ambient temperature of 10-35 degrees can be high-precision work). The processing computer uses the special workstation to realize the large-scale data processing ability. Provides a variety of pulse sequences, Animal NMR & MRI the user can arbitrarily edit the pulse sequence. It is suitable for research work such as molecular imaging of Mice and small animals and plants.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance main function:

1, 1H. 19F (Relaxation measurement) Study of T1/T2 NMR contrast agent relaxation measurement and contrast agent in vitro and in vivo imaging of animals

2, Mouse vivo magnetic resonance imaging, Animal NMR & MRI mouse three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging function, (small animals and plants three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging)

3, two-dimensional spin echo T1 weighted graphs, T2 weighted graphs;

4, three-dimensional gradient echo (3DGRE) imaging, Animal NMR & MRI three-dimensional spin-echo imaging experiment, three-dimensional imaging experiment

5, two-dimensional arbitrary angle multi-layer (MSE) imaging, hard pulse CPMG pulse sequence measurement T2; inversion recovery (IR) pulse sequence measurement T1;

6, three-dimensional imaging data acquisition and image inversion three-dimensional reconstruction (pseudo color image reconstruction)

7, according to DCOM International General medical digital imaging and communication standard file format to save experimental data

8. The software of correlative sequence software, relaxation time acquisition and test software, Animal NMR & MRI two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging software, three-dimensional data retrieval are reconstructed.

9. Can realize the experimental data picture multiple angle preservation sample picture Observation sample

$number. The system is provided with Ethernet acquisition, and the three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging acquisition software can connect the GPU operation system.

$number. All software sequence source code can be open to users, Animal NMR & MRI providing window customers can write the relevant experimental sequence.

Main contents of nuclear magnetic resonance in small animals

1. The principle of nuclear magnetic imaging, imaging techniques, hardware structure experiments and application expansion experiments can be performed.

2. Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging experiments, Animal NMR & MRI three-dimensional space imaging and two-dimensional imaging research;

3. A study of the effects of various parameters of spin echo sequences on the imaging effects: a study of the enhancement of NMR images and artifacts.

A, folding artifact observation b. Pseudo-shadow observation of zipper c. Chemical shift artifact observation;

4. Nuclear magnetic resonance Imaging Experimental sample observation (mice, small animals and plants and other samples of three-dimensional, two-dimensional imaging experiment), mouse molecular imaging research;

5. Relaxation time measurement of experimental samples, Animal NMR & MRI experimental sample image multi-angle observation, arbitrary angle preservation, magnetic susceptibility imaging and other related experiments, three-dimensional imaging data acquisition and image retrieval three-dimensional reconstruction (pseudo color image reconstruction) can be widely used in life sciences, medical imaging, biomedical and pharmaceutical preclinical experiments and other research work.

6, equipment applications in the field of magnetic resonance equipment research, biomedical engineering, tumor molecular imaging research, molecular biochemistry field of experimental research, Animal NMR & MRI small animals in vivo (such as in vivo magnetic Resonance imaging experiment) imaging experiments and other related fields.