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Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance For Medical Basic Research
Aug 22, 2017

Small animals, magnetic resonance imaging of common rat and mouse imaging can also be customized for rabbits, monkeys, small dogs and other experimental animals in the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Animal NMR & MRI But also the original machine to increase the PET coil, upgraded to PET / MRI, PET resolution of 0.8mm.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance platform fully meet the most stringent safety requirements standards, Animal NMR & MRI to ensure that the realization of the edge of the magnetic field, zero field strength, so no special peripheral protection / shielding room or other operating procedures restrictions.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a new technology that can be widely used in related fields such as materials science and biomedical research and so on. It has great prospects in biomedical basic research and disease related research. Biomedical research based on animal models avoids the risk of experimentation in humans, Animal NMR & MRI overcomes the shortcomings of long disease and long duration of some diseases, and can strictly control the experimental conditions of animals and reduce the impact of individual differences. Imaging methods, Animal NMR & MRI especially magnetic resonance imaging, are one of the indispensable tools in animal model research. 1.5T (45mm) small animal nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment using high uniformity magnetic field system, magnetic field control using deuterium field, to ensure the stability of the magnetic field in order to facilitate long-term collection of four-dimensional data (stability 10Hz / Month), while Reduce the environmental requirements (ambient temperature 10-35 degrees can be high precision work). The processing computer uses a dedicated workstation to achieve large data processing capabilities. Provide a variety of pulse sequence, the user can arbitrarily edit the pulse sequence. Animal NMR & MRI Suitable for mice, small animal and plant molecular imaging research and other research work.

The use of small animal nuclear magnetic resonance

Mainly used for rat, mouse and other small animal imaging, widely used in medical basic research, can be used to study animals and animal models of various diseases, Animal NMR & MRI tissue morphology, pathological changes, and metabolism.

Animal NMR & MRI Performance Index of Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Magnet center hole diameter: 20cm

Proton resonance frequency: 300MHz

Coil: with a different size of the surface coil and body coil a total of eight sets to meet the rat, mouse head, body imaging needs

Animal bed: fixed experimental animals

Gas anesthesia machine: to meet the experimental process of animal anesthesia needs

Physiological monitor: can monitor the animal during the respiratory rate and heart rate

Hot water circulation system: to maintain the normal animal body temperature

Operation processing system: Paravision 5.0