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Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance In The Field Of Science
Jul 18, 2017

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance in Biological medicine Clinical animal Experiment, target preparation contrast agent research, anatomy teaching, and so on, often to mice, rabbits, Animal NMR & MRI small monkeys and other small animals in vivo imaging, the small animal MRI can be used to understand and observe small animals in vivo tissue and organ nuances, Animal NMR & MRI in order to achieve targeted observation and research purposes. Nyumai technology has been accumulated for many years in the field of low field NMR, and has developed a 15mm to 150mm different aperture contrast agent relaxation analysis system and small animal MRI system.

Apply the solution:

1, contrast agent T1, T2 relaxation time test analysis;

2, contrast agent imaging test;

3, Small animal imaging test

1. Evaluation of the role of contrast agent in vivo

2 Determination of drug targeting

3 Evaluation of therapeutic effect of drugs on tumor

4 Tumor Lesion Location

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance to achieve rapid body composition (fat content, muscles tissue content, free water and total body water) quantitative and accurate measurement of living animals, can measure small to 2 mg Drosophila, organs, mice, rats, birds, large to the human body dozens of kinds of animals. Animal NMR & MRI Compared with other methods, NMR method was used to measure fast (only 0.5-3.0min), no anesthesia or execution of laboratory animals, no harm to animals in the testing process, and continuous tracking test for the same animal, providing strong analysis data for scientific research.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance can provide you with unique contrast information, accurate and intuitive reflection of the internal conditions of living animals, MRI equipment has been widely used in life sciences. Live Small Animal MRI is a powerful, noninvasive imaging Analyzer, Animal NMR & MRI to help you understand the body structure of the subjects and the organization of the contrast information. This equipment uses the permanent magnet, the maintenance cost is low, the performance is advantageous, is suitable in the Life science related domain research application.