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Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Is Used In The Field Of Life Sciences
May 18, 2017

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance Overview: In biomedical clinical animal experiments, targeted agents contrast agent research, anatomy teaching, etc., often on mice, rabbits, monkeys and other small animals in vivo imaging, small animals can Animal NMR & MRI be nuclear magnetic resonance imaging can To understand and observe the small animals in vivo tissue and organ subtle differences in order to achieve the purpose of targeted observation and research. Newmao has been in the field of low-field nuclear magnetic resonance has accumulated for many years, has developed a 15mm to 150mm different diameter Animal NMR & MRI contrast agent relaxation analysis system and small animal magnetic resonance imaging system.

Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Application Solution:

1, contrast agent T1, T2 relaxation time test analysis;

2, contrast agent imaging test;

3, small animal imaging test

1) Evaluation of the role of contrast agents in vivo

2) drug targeting determination

3) Evaluation of the therapeutic effect of drugs on tumors

4) Location of tumor lesions

Application Case 1: contrast agent T1, T2 relaxation analysis

Application Case 2: Contrast agent in vitro imaging test

Application Case 3: Evaluation of the role of contrast agent in vivo in vivo in nude mice

Application Case 4: mouse head imaging

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance can provide you with unique information, accurate and intuitive to reflect the internal situation of living animals, MRI equipment has been widely used in the field of life sciences. In vivo small animal magnetic resonance imaging instrument is a powerful,Animal NMR & MRI non-invasive imaging analyzer to help you understand the experimental object structure and the organization of contrast information. The device uses permanent magnets, low maintenance costs, superior performance, suitable for life science related fields of scientific research and application.

Animal NMR & MRI Application Solution:

1, head tumor animal model study

2, head thrombosis, cerebral infarction and other animal models

3, liver tumors, fatty liver, other liver disease research

4, subcutaneous tumor research

5, targeted drugs (nano-biomaterials, MRI contrast agent) study

6, tumor research

7, cardiovascular disease research

8, based on magnetic resonance contrast agent targeting research

9, pathology research, obesity research

10, embryonic development research

11, kidney research

12, magnetic resonance contrast agent research