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Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Is Widely Used In Medical Basic Research
Oct 30, 2017

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance imaging instrument coil diameter of 150mm, can be used for rats, mice, rabbits, puppies, kittens and other small animal nuclear magnetic resonance imaging research. Animal NMR & MRI The small animal magnetic resonance imaging instrument is a powerful, non-invasive imaging analyzer to help you understand the structure of the experimental object and the organization of contrast information. Animal NMR & MRI The device uses permanent magnets, low maintenance costs, superior performance, suitable for life science related fields of scientific research and application.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance is mainly used for rat, mouse and other small animal imaging, widely used in medical basic research, Animal NMR & MRI can be used to study animal and various animal models of animal morphology, pathological changes, and metabolism.

Of the performance indicators

Magnet center hole diameter: 20cm

Proton resonance frequency: 300MHz

Coil: with a different size of the surface coil and body coil a total of eight sets to meet the rat, the mouse head, body imaging needs

Animal bed: fixed experimental animals

Gas anesthesia machine: to meet the experimental process of animal anesthesia needs

Physiological monitor: can monitor the process of animal respiratory rate and heart rate

Hot water circulation system: to maintain the normal body temperature of experimental animals

Operation processing system: Paravision 5.0

Using high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet, Animal NMR & MRI to achieve high-resolution small animal nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.

The study of small animal living imaging in the field of molecular imaging, such as tumor growth, tumor metastasis imaging, neurobiology, cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular, reproductive and development, diabetes and obesity, anatomy and histology, And can be multi-modal fusion imaging through DICOM and microPET, Animal NMR & MRI small animal SPECT, micro-CT, small animal ultrasound, small animal in vivo fluorescence, bioluminescence and other small animal live imaging techniques.

Completely meet the most stringent safety requirements standards, Animal NMR & MRI to ensure that the edge of the magnetic field, zero field strength, so no special peripheral protection / shielding room or other operating procedures restrictions.