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Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Widely Used In High - Tech
Aug 10, 2017

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance can provide you with unique information, accurate and intuitive to reflect the internal situation of living animals, MRI equipment has been widely used in the field of life sciences. In vivo small animal magnetic resonance imaging instrument is a powerful, Animal NMR & MRI non-invasive imaging analyzer to help you understand the experimental object structure and the organization of contrast information. The device uses permanent magnets, low maintenance costs, superior performance, suitable for life science related fields of scientific research and application.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a new technology that can be widely used in related fields such as materials science and biomedical research and so on. Animal NMR & MRI It has great prospects in biomedical basic research and disease related research. Biomedical research based on animal models avoids the risk of experimentation in humans, overcomes the shortcomings of long disease and long duration of some diseases, Animal NMR & MRI and can strictly control the experimental conditions of animals and reduce the impact of individual differences. Imaging methods, especially magnetic resonance imaging, are one of the indispensable tools in animal model research.

Small magnetic resonance imaging system, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment using high uniformity magnetic field system, magnetic field control using deuterium field, Animal NMR & MRI to ensure the stability of the magnetic field in order to facilitate long-term collection of four-dimensional data (stability 10Hz / Month), while reducing the environmental requirements (Ambient temperature 10-35 degrees can be high-precision work). The processing computer uses a dedicated workstation to achieve large data processing capabilities. Provide a variety of pulse sequence, the user can arbitrarily edit the pulse sequence. Suitable for mice, small animal and plant molecular imaging research and other research work.

Small animal nuclear magnetic resonance main function:

1,1H.19F (relaxation measurement) T1 / T2 magnetic resonance contrast agent relaxation measurement, contrast agent in vitro and in vivo imaging studies

2, mouse live magnetic resonance imaging; Animal NMR & MRI mouse three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance imaging function, (small animal and plant three-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance imaging)

3, two - dimensional spin echo T1 weighted graph, T2 weighted graph

4, 3D gradient echo (3DGRE) imaging, three-dimensional spin echo imaging experiment, three-dimensional imaging experiment

5, two-dimensional arbitrary angle multi-layer (MSE) imaging; Animal NMR & MRI hard pulse CPMG pulse sequence measurement T2; reverse recovery (IR) pulse sequence measurement T1;

6, three-dimensional imaging data acquisition and image inversion three-dimensional reconstruction (pseudo-color image reconstruction)

7, according to DCOM International common medical digital imaging and communication standard file format to save the experimental data

8. Provide the relevant sequence software, relaxation time acquisition test software, two - dimensional, three - dimensional imaging software, three - dimensional acquisition of data inversion of three - dimensional reconstruction software.

9. Can be achieved experimental data picture multi-angle preservation sample picture observation sample

11. Provide the system using Ethernet acquisition, Animal NMR & MRI three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging software can be connected to the GPU computing system.

13. All software sequence source code can be open to the user, providing the window The client can write the relevant experimental sequence.