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Stable Performance Of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Food Agricultural Imaging Analyzer
Jul 28, 2017

Nuclear magnetic resonance food Agricultural imaging analyzer in food, agriculture, and life sciences and other industries in the field of scientific research and application of a wide range of uses, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI the use of integrated shape design.

The measurement results are objective true, high precision, good repeatability, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI stable performance of the instrument, excellent image quality, high sex price。

Nuclear magnetic resonance Food Agricultural Imaging Analyzer is based on rare earth NdFeB material Permanent magnet imaging system, this system fully exert the technical advantages of Nmdigi spectrometer, can be widely used in the field of magnetic resonance imaging of medium sized samples. Food & Agriculture NMR MRI While improving the resolution of the sample image, it can save a large amount of investment and running cost for the user, so that the NMR application research can be expanded in a wider range.

Nuclear magnetic resonance Food Agricultural imaging analyzer using modular design, according to the needs of different users to provide different configurations to give full play to the different functions, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI truly in accordance with customer demand for custom-made magnetic equipment.

Main functions

1, quantitative analysis of different phase of water content;

2, CPMG pulse sequence measurement T2;

3, Reverse recovery (IR) pulse sequence measurement T1;

4, T1, T2 multiple index inversion fitting analysis;

Technical index:

1, Magnet type: Permanent magnet; magnetic field strength: 0.5±0.05T;

2, magnetic field uniformity: 25ppm (25mmx25mmx35mm);

3, magnetic field Stability: <200hz/hour;

4, RF emission power: Peak peak output is greater than 300W, Food & Agriculture NMR MRI linear distortion is less than 0.5%;

5, Probe coil diameter: 25mm;

6, effective sample detection range: ø25.4mmxh35mm;

Working conditions:

1, power requirements: 220V, 50Hz;

2, working temperature: 22~28°c;

3, environmental humidity: 30~70%;

Size specification (length, width, height):

1, Magnet cabinet: 490mmx352mmx326mm

2. Electronic cabinet: 800mmx600mmx1170mm

3, Weight: Total weight about 185Kg (magnet about 85Kg, control cabinet about 100Kg)