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The Latest Progress Of Photoacoustic Imaging--to Clinical
Feb 15, 2017

Imaging optics such as microscopes used for fine structure, non-optical techniques such as x-rays and conventional ultrasound used for large structures such as the entire organ imaging, photoacoustic Imaging because of its extensibility and "made up for the gap between the two." Photoacoustic imaging has become a fast-growing field of study now photoacoustic technique being developed by micro-laboratory towards macro-stage of clinical practice.

Initial clinical application of expected neonatal brain imaging and blood oxygen saturation monitoring for prostate cancer. Numerous examples to support that vision, including with Philips research to develop hand-held photoacoustic detector, and Endra developed the Nexus 128 photoacoustic imaging system for small animals.

Early clinical detection of breast cancer is another application. 650nm diode laser under 10 mJ/cm2 energy (American National Standards Institute American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards dictate that half of the energy) is, photoacoustic Imaging in Vivo Imaging of breast cancer can be implemented, this will fundamentally affect global screening of millions of cases.

Breast cancer screening is the biggest problem today can lead to a large number of cancer cases. 90% surgery is not only unnecessary, and complications of the surgery itself will lead to 5%. Using photoacoustic Imaging specificity of screening will be significantly reduced and the rate of complications.

Other research and development work including confocal optical microscope has been used to image the human melanoma skin cancer, using gold nanoparticles and gold Nano-cage to look for specific receptors to show the early signs of onset of the disease.

Photoacoustic technique's most impressive feature is the Professor predicted the extensiveness of the area of application. Photoacoustic Imaging Anatomy and its variations can not only provide information and also provides information about features, metabolic information, molecular and genetic information and other aspects. Recent examples include blood pressure, oxygen saturation, unmarked metabolic rate (known as an early indicator of tumor development) and unmarked histology testing in vivo (Endra Nexus 128).