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The Results Of Core NMR Measurements Are Objective And True
Oct 09, 2017

Core NMR is mainly used to test the porosity and saturation of conventional cores, which is specially developed for the detection of different characteristics of rock samples, and provides the most professional and matching analysis solution for the core testing field of petroleum core.

Core NMR is the world's advanced level of desktop NMR Core Analyzer; Rock Core NMR & MRI can meet the oil exploration field porosity, permeability, saturation, fluid saturation, bound fluid saturation and other related analytical tests, the measurement results are objective and accurate, high precision, repeatability, Rock Core NMR & MRI instrument performance is stable, high cost-effective.

Core NMR is specially designed for the testing needs of different characteristic samples, providing you with the most professional and matching analysis solution. Rock Core NMR & MRI After Nyumai years of unremitting efforts, MICROMR 3 products (2M, 5M, 12M) can also be selected to upgrade the diffusion function to multidimensional nuclear magnetic Resonance analyzer, to practical applications brought great convenience.

Core NMR applications:

2/5mhz NMR Analyzer: Conventional core pore structure and fluid saturation;

Basic parameters:

1, Magnet type: Permanent magnet;

2, magnetic field strength: 0.055±0.01T, Rock Core NMR & MRI instrument main frequency: one. 9MHz;

3, Probe coil diameter: 25mm;

4. Effective sample measurement area: ø25.4mmxh35mm;

Size specification (length, width, height):

1. Overall appearance: About 1685mmx520mmx386mm

2. Total weight: approx. 85Kg