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NIUMAG NMR Installation Notices

Compared with medical MRI or high-field NMR, the installation of low-field NMR is easier. But we still need to notice the following items:

1. Surroundings have no magnetic matters and strong magnetic field

2. Power source: 220V (+5% ~ -10%), 50Hz, good grounding protection

3. Lab with quiet surroundings and air-conditioning is better, which the temperature can be controlled in 23℃-27℃ and relative humidity can be controlled in 30%-70%.

More details please look the “Requirements of Installation Field”.

NIUMAG Operation Notices

The operation of low-field NMR is very simple, but we all need to take attentions to these notices listed as below:

1.Check whether the temperature of the temperature control cabinet controlled in the specified temperature and the center frequency and the RF pulse are all right.

2.Ensure the ferromagnetic substance away from the magnet cabinet and magnetic medium such as the magnetic disk, tap, magcard or others should be far away from magnet cabinet above 30cm.

3.Keep the cleanness of probe coil. After using, please cover the probe to avoid fouling. If you test strong noise signals when without sample, it means the probe coil has been defiled.

Does Low-field NMR Has Radiation Damage?

No, NMR has no radiation damage.

NMR is different from X-ray generator and CT in principle. X-ray generator and CT all need the X-ray to irradiate tissue and accept the X-ray which has absorbed by tissue to obtain the information. X-ray is the source of the man-made radiation damage. The principle of NMR is using a RF pulse to inspire H proton in high magnetic field to create the NMR signals. The process won’t produce high energy radial, the word nuclear of NMR is refer to H proton, without relationship with nuclear radiation,so NMR has no radiation damage.

Low-field NMR instruments’ magnetic field is lower than 0.5T. NIUMAG’s magnet has thickening iron shield and special made magnet cabinet. It prevents the magnet field disseminating, the magnetic field and excited electromagnetic wave is limited in the magnet cabinet, so it is very safe.

What is The Difference Between Low-field NMR and High-field NMR?

Generally, high-field NMR means the magnet field is higher than 1Tesla, middle-field NMR means the magnet field is between 1Tesla and 0.5Tesla, low-field NMR means the magnet field is lower than 0.5T. They have different application fields.Low-field NMR is used for analyzing the reaction among molecules. For example, water can be divided into combine water, free water according to water molecule’s phase, cross-link density of polymer. And high-field NMR is used for molecule structure analysis.

What Requirements does the Low-field NMR Have for Samples?

The NMR instruments require the samples have no magnetism metal materials. Low field NMR have no requirement at samples’ shape, liquid, powder, solid and semiliquid all can be tested.

When operating, we should take attention to the followings in samples treating:

1.test tube ektexine must be clean, avoiding touch the tube bottom.

2.the sample must be in the effective measuring extent of tube bottom during the quota test. We also should ensure the tube has no influence to the test.

3.Wrapper of the samples can not generate NMR signals or affect the NMR signals.

4.Contrast samples or parallel samples should be test at the same temperature.

Which Samples does the Low-field NMR Can Test, and Which Specifications It can Works Out?

Low-field NMR technology has wide applications, it can be used in oil exploration, agriculture, food, textile, polymer industry’s R&D, QA or QC. As the following listed applications, you can know more applications and detailes by sending e-mail or calling us.

1.Rock core analysis, get the porosity, saturation, permeability, and also can observe crack distribution in rock core by imaging.

2.Drilling fluid analysis, get the oil content.

3.Oilseeds analysis, get the oil content and water content.

4.Plant organism analysis, got the interior image to detect damnification or get the water distribution and change.

5.Food analysis, get the oil content and water content.

6.Water phase analysis.

7.Measuring Oil content of fiber.

8.Measuring relaxation characteristic of MRI contrast agent.

9.Imaging of experimental animal.

10.Measuring cross-link density of rubber or leatheriod.

11.Seepage characteristics analysis of porous materials.

What Advantages does Pulsed NMR Oil Content Analyst Have Compared with Other Methods?

Pulsed NMR

Continuous wave NMR

Chemistry methods

Samples do not need baking.

Samples need baking around one hour

Measuring time<1min, quick and suitable for mass detection

Measuring time<1min after baking

Several hours or more than ten hours





Samples need baking


Simple operation

Simple operation

Result is related to operator’s

Do not need special training. It only take 10 min to master the operation

Do not need special training. It only take 10 min to master the operation

Need special tra