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NIUMAG has its own professional R&D team hammer at the low-field NMR hardware techniques, arithmetic techniques, NMR software techniques and application development.Our R&D team is made up of more than 50 senior engineers, and these experts were assigned to the following five department: hardware R&D department, software R&D department, applied science department, Innovation research center and postdoctoral research center. 

With over 10 years’ team building, we made solid steps forward, and its independence R&D capacity, productivity and engineering ability have a qualitative leap.

Along the way, with the undertaking of National Key Scientific Apparatus Development Program, NIUMAG overcome technical hurdles in trace element determination and fast-relaxation sample measurement, promotes the low-field NMR techniques into more extensive use and providing a wide range of analytical solutions to fulfill its customer’s needs. 

NIUMAG is proficient at nanoparticles surface characteristic analysis, nano-pore distribution analysis and solid-liquid mixture analysis. On the basis, NIUMAG introduces new generation product lines including SFC NMR analyzer, spin finish NMR analyzer, freezing and thawing nano-pore analyzer, Particle surface characteristic NMR analyzer, oil and moisture synchronous measurement NMR analyzer, etc.

NIUMAG aims at developing and popularizing the low-field NMR technology.

NIUMAG’s  goal is to establish itself as the top brand world-wide.  —-PQ Yang, CEO

NIUMAG Experts

Prof. Jun Yan [British], Director of Postdoctoral Research Center

Prof. Yan has a PhD degree of Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh. Now, he is an expert for NMR application in NIUMAG, he’s also a visiting professor in Southwest Petroleum University from 2011. Prior to this, Jun was the lead Petro physicist in Centrica, principal Petro physicist in Ikon and senior Petro physicist in CGG based in UK. He is proficient in petro physics for well-log & LWD log interpretation, formation evaluation, NMR log and core

Pingsong Zou, Vice President

Pingsong is the Vice President in charge of Operations Strategy. He has a Radio Physics PhD background and is an EMBA from CEIBS. He now leads the R&D teams and manufacture. Prior to this, Pingsong served as PM, VP, GM, CEO, in ZTE Cor., Longcheer Holdings, Shenzhen Yassy Tech., and Delux Corp.

Yushan Wei, Vice President

Yushan is the Vice President in charge of Overseas marketing, sales and service. He has a background of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. Prior to this, Yushan served as Senior Technical Support Manager in Philips Health care and Head of Application Service Asia & Australia in Siemens Healthcare.

Yingli Zhang, Executive Manager

Yingli has background of Signal and Information Processing and is an MBA of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Yingli is now the Executive Manager takes charge of the application development and domestic marketing and he also leads the TESTNIUMAG-NIUMAG testing center.

Yangwen Gao, Executive Manager

Yangwen has a Radio Physics PhD background and once held position in Agilent Technologies as a senior NMR application engineer. He now leads the Innovation research center and also serves as the Executive Manager of Domestic Sales.




Rapid determination of Spin Finish content of textile fiber


Rapid determination for crosslink density of rubber and other polymers

Food & Agriculture

Moisture / Oil content

Quantitative analysis of moisture phase with varying -temperature

Oil&Moisture content determination of oilseed

Relaxationanalysis of T2*,T2 and T1

Study on distribution and mobility of moisture

Determinationof glass transition temperature

Tg (glass transition temperature) of food

Pore size distribution analysis of Porous media withvarying-temperatur

Detectionof waste oil

Petroleum/ Porous media


Detecting adulteration of milk, honey


Study on distribution and mobility of moisture for crops

BVI/FFI (Bulk volume irreducible and free)

Determination of solid fat content

Oil saturation

Moisture migration process study of frozen and thawed food

Clay Bound Water determination

Inert gas hydrate studies on the impact of food preservation

Pore fluid distribution

Research on the quality of frozen food

Pore size distribution

Food freezing point , unfrozen water content determination

T1/T2 cutoff time

Life science

T1&T2 analysis of Contrast agent

Oil and gas distinguish (T1-T2)

Contrast agent Imaging

Oil and moisture distinguish (D-T2)

Evaluation of contrast agents in live subjects

Oil content test for drilling fluid

Evaluation of drug treatment of cancer

Core Image

Drug targeting assesment

High temperature high pressure condition for Percolation mechanism analysis

Screeningfor tumor lesion location

Low tempetature high pressure condition for analysis freezing and thawing mechanism analysis