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Rock Core NMR & MRI

Our rock core analyzers can meet requirements of different sample size (1” to 6”) and sensitivity (2MHz to 20MHz). With the sensational design of hardware and software, rock core NMR&MRI can acquire comprehensive analysis results from varies of porous media. Our 2MHz MiniMR benchtop models are able to do routine measurements of relaxation distributions about basic petrophysical parameters such as porosity, saturation, pore size distribution and T2cutoff. 2MHz MiniMR is designed to reduce artefacts caused by ferromagnetic material in the samples. 5MHz and 12MHz models are also available for higher sensitivity for low porosity samples. We also provide larger NMR&MRI rock core analyzers for greater sample size and more detailed results (MesoMR and MarcoMR model). These instruments can accommodate cores up to 6” diameter and with the help of our High-Temperature and High-Pressure system, MesoMR and MarcoMR can get more practical petrophysical parameters under simulated environment. And Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is also available for these instruments.
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